Increasing Productivity

Automate everything, from auto-dispatching tickets as soon as they’re received by GPS all the way to the form level. We work with our clients on adapting their forms for digitization and maintain a high level of standardization. Forms are filled out, created, and delivered with only a preview option.

This keeps your form free of illegible handwriting and clear and concise for excavators. In turn, it drastically speeds up the ability of the locator to produce and provide these forms and complete their locates. In our software installations or software replacements, we have seen an increase in productivity due to faster documentation and less drawing time.

The UtiLocate system is managed and administered by the creators and developers at ComPeters inc. We Operate a 24/7 technical support line that provides on the spot training and support using the Teamviewer application for walking through locators on their own laptops.