Why Make your Locate Process Paperless?

Everyone is aware of the headaches that can be caused by a paper driven process, locating is no different: misplaced or damaged drawings, line-ups at the scanner, and endless emailing. There are an overwhelming amount of benefits to completing locates digitally and we’ll discuss them in this article.

environmental-protection-886669_1280Using a software program such as our UtiLocate2- Locate Management Software makes going digital easy. Locate documents are generated based on the data entered by the user. Digital forms with logos look professional and make you stand out from the crowd. The form stays consistent every time allowing excavators to become familiar with the layout and reference information faster. Data and mapping contained in the locate document is also more legible because handwriting is eliminated.

It is no secret that our environment’s health is on the decline and we need to reduce our usage of resources. Cutting out the use of paper in a process is a great way for an organization to reduce their environmental footprint. Storing paper copies in large filing cabinets that take up real estate in the office is not ideal. Digital copies can be stored in a cloud and recalled instantly anywhere you are.

A concern with going digital may be that locators need internet in the field but locating software such as ours allows locators to work offline so portable internet is not something management needs to worry about. The overall locating process becomes faster when going digital. This is because templates and images can be used in the drawing tool to quickly capture your locate. Also, documents are automatically generated and sent without any scanning or manual emailing involved.

Take the leap and digitize your locate process today. Visit www.utilocate.ca for more information or call Competers Inc at 1-877-395-1122 and we’ll help you out!

After Hours Emergency Self Assign

In UtiLocate 2, we have a feature that allows the locator to grab his own after hours emergency ticket. This eliminates the need to set a locator as the after hours emergency locator. Instead, the locator can self-assign a ticket and then do a download to be able to complete the ticket. Now, you’ll never have 2 locators arrive on-site together and give more flexibility to on-call locators.

Base Maps for Multiple Utilities

UtiLocate was designed to be fast when sketching multiple utilities. We have a base map feature that allows you to create a landbase that will be used throughout your sketches. In the video, the locator creates a sketch for the Telecom utility and the Gas utility using a base map to reduce the tedious work. We are proven to increase your productivity when handling multiple utility owners and this showcases a reason why.