News and Development

Remark/Relocate Feature – Quick Documentation

In UtiLocate 2, we have an algorithm that scans the server and retrieves the sketches and documents created for the previous locate for Remarks and Relocates.   You can find the drawings, maps, and documents in the documentation tab on that particular ticket.  They are placed below any One Call documentation and differentiated by a golden highlight.  The best part is that you can add the previous drawings to a locate form in this current ticket with the click of a button.  They are fully editable if any changes or additions are to be made as the current locator may not be the one who necessarily completed it previously.  Now, locators can always check the previous documentation for what was found previous and use it as a record of reference combined with his utility mapping and locating skill set.  Watch the video to see it in action.

Base Maps for Multiple Utilities

UtiLocate was designed to be fast when sketching multiple utilities. We have a base map feature that allows you to create a landbase that will be used throughout your sketches. In the video, the locator creates a sketch for the Telecom utility and the Gas utility using a base map to reduce the tedious work. We are proven to increase your productivity when handling multiple utility owners and this showcases a reason why.