Why Make your Locate Process Paperless?

Everyone is aware of the headaches that can be caused by a paper driven process, locating is no different: misplaced or damaged drawings, line-ups at the scanner, and endless emailing. There are an overwhelming amount of benefits to completing locates digitally and we’ll discuss them in this article. Using a software program such as our UtiLocate2- Locate Management Software makes going digital easy. Locate documents are generated based on the data entered by the user. […]


Map Discrepancies and Image Markups

Utilizing google maps, our software can capture any on screen image and drop it in for redlining or sketching overtop. This can be used for private locating or map corrections. Save the drawing as an internal drawing and you can have these drawings automatically go back to the utility for GIS corrections. Check out the video.

Hydrant locate

After Hours Emergency Self Assign

In UtiLocate 2, we have a feature that allows the locator to grab his own after hours emergency ticket. This eliminates the need to set a locator as the after hours emergency locator. Instead, the locator can self-assign a ticket and then do a download to be able to complete the ticket. Now, you’ll never have 2 locators arrive on-site together and give more flexibility to on-call locators.


Preset colours for Utility drawing

Preset line colours are automated so that the colours are always the same for each utility line type. No need to select the colour, save the clicks with automated line colours. It will also apply for sketching overtop of photo’s or maps.

Locate Form for Demo's 2

Clean Multi-page Locate Documents

We pride ourselves on the quality of information seen by the excavator. We ensure all of our clients have crisp PDF documentation that gets the information across clearly. We provide Locate Form digitization and automate every part of it including disclaimers. See more examples in our Gallery.


Remark/Relocate Feature – Quick Documentation

In UtiLocate 2, we have an algorithm that scans the server and retrieves the sketches and documents created for the previous locate for Remarks and Relocates.   You can find the drawings, maps, and documents in the documentation tab on that particular ticket.  They are placed below any One Call documentation and differentiated by a golden highlight.  The best part is that you can add the previous drawings to a locate form in this current ticket with […]